Thursday, November 14, 2013

Lizard in the terrarium

Dream 041313 Lizard in the terrarium Woke up at 4:30-ish. Time to take the dogs out, feed them, start a load of laundry, read a bit and take a nap. :P And instantly it began. It was so seamless that I couldn’t tell I had actually dreamed until I woke up at 6:00 with the images fading from my mind’s eye. I walk through the kitchen constantly, back and forth, each time giving a nod to my home’s hearth and altar. I was cleaning up a bit, dishes and such, and had a little water in a bottle to get rid of. I walked over to the altar and twisted the lid on a large jar to pour water over the plants inside. These jars are the type used to store elbow macaroni decoratively on a kitchen counter. And in real life no such jar exists on my altar or anywhere else in my home. But like I said, the dream was seamless and I didn’t take note. I twisted the lid back on, and that’s when I noticed movement in the jar. What in the world? I thought this was a basic terrarium? What… “What” was a good sized gecko, thick as my thumb. About 6 inches long. How did it manage to get in there? And thrive? There is no food source. That’s when I noticed the second stirring amongst the flora. But this one was different. I saw the fat gecko tail, turning and crawling along the gravel. But something else was attached to it. It wasn’t a gecko! Another creature grew out of a discarded lizard tail wtf? It was smaller, more colorful. And it was struggling to emerge from that tail. Interesting… Next came an hour and a half of wonderment, exploration, travel, magicians (real wizards!), the cops (??), a camaraderie with a band of gypsies (I do love me some gypsy), then dawn and worrying if the lizards were ok. After I woke up I rummaged around in my esoteric book collection for my primer on animals. Found it and flipped pages to lizard – here you be. It seems lizards represent dreams. I dream about a dream hmmm And it made reference to dreaming to manifest. Now the question is…do I really want wizards running willy nilly through my life? Might prove interesting haha.

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