Saturday, February 20, 2010

the cha-moirs-6

The unit was transferred in it’s entirety to the domicile of the pack, the snake eater in his component, his posse close to hand. The visitations did in deed cease, much to the chagrin of tech personnel in the cartel. Unable to continue their experiments with chemical and harnass, they drifted offward to other bunkers, there to hone their interrogative skills farther and wider afield.

Life resembled some sort of normalcy, at least the neighbors noticed nothing askew. Another module was accumulated, and settlement was reached. But it just had to be too good….one can never accept too good. A battle was brewing tween this stalker and the snake eater. A struggle for powers budding and thought lax. The posse and it’s division were rarely round, and those in the pod were themselves and giddy. So when he did breeze through, it was likened to a violent storm with vivid sparks being seen flashed off the horizon. He felt the flyer should have the ground cut from beneath, cast adrift with humanity, powerless.

A comment, an observation really, was made in innocence.

~Where did so-and-so go? I saw them last week, but I’ve since been told they are no longer here….where did they go?

Well, this was just the opportuinity the snake eater was waiting to pounce with, to ravage and eviscerate the super hero.

~They have died

~What is died?

~They are dead

~What is this dead, explain?

~They cease to exist

~What do you mean, they cease?

~Their bodies fall, rot, to be eaten….there is nothing left to mark their place

~Why did this befall them? What did they do to deserve?

~It happens to everyone

..........No......….it does not….......not I




~Even YOU

The scream was heard throughout the compound, high and long….oh so long. The medics were called, those luscious drugs administered once again, the body lashed and numb….but the soul did not stop it’s wail. It echoed and battered into and surround the internal walls of every living organism….I can not fulfill my destiny….there is not enough time….i have failed you all.

The goddess in training imploded that day, never to recover, never to fully inhabit her realm again. For what is the point? There is just not enough time……

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