Saturday, February 20, 2010

the cha-moirs, 1

My story uh? Well, let me start with my first recollection…..i was in a room full of giants with loud, raucous voices. I was swaddled very tightly in some type of material, so I couldn't harm anyone, and was being passed around.

Next memory, turds in the tub!

Ok, fast forward 1 year…..i was sitting on the curb and this little fox-headed girl came walking by, asked me if I wanted to learn about universal law. Well of course I said yes, and we promptly walked away from the house. She told me oh so many things, some I already knew, some she couldn't stress enough as being important in the scheme of things. My family wasn't too concerned, they allotted time each evening to hunt me down in the neighborhood….

Next scene, age 5. we were in germany.
Now, some people claim that they are nothing like their families and were probably adopted. Or left by fairies – a changeling. I on the otherhand was transported to this planet in an egg, to be hatched and placed in my mother's hospital bed on the day of that other girl's birth. I know not where or what became of her…. I am not human, nor fairyfolk…..i am a super hero! I am serious! I spent my nights flying round the universe slaying bad monsters with the beams that radiated from my eyes! And each evening, my nanny, a bulbous-headed hideous creature with stalks for fingers would come tuck me in, as tightly as possible, so as not to harm the natives….
All this recollecting is wearing me out……sorry
Will talk soon

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