Saturday, February 20, 2010


Water - it has touched everything. It falls from the sky, goes down through the earth, comes up in springs, evaporates.. the cycle continues. We come from the water. Our remains return to the water. Everything has water in it at one time or another. Lakes lapping, plants nourished, stones touching the banks. Trees shading the shore. Life is calm, birds drink. I sit on the grass and absorb the moisture. I touch the grass, put it in my mouth.

Do you want? What, more? It is not enough. Something, somewhere. Touching, whole. Why are we individuals? Communion, compassion, sharing. A waste to see alone....share with me.

Why are you in torment? I am here. Release, relinquish. I absolve you.

Be not afraid. Be not alone. See the stars?

Don't fight the gift, let it flow. The secret?

Why do we repeat the past? It is easier, remembered patterns. The animals are a link with that time. When we rejected out kind. The animals accepted.

Mirrors - when you look in a mirror and there is no reflection, you have learned.

The stones have told me things..what? To bring it down to their level, lower than flora....secrets....time..purpose. We do not exist except as sand blown in the wind.

There is no other life in the universe. Every star is but a reflection of our own at a different time. That's why we haven't made contact..the time loop on this planet at this moment hasn't looped close to another. Time is but a ribbon our sun is traveling on. It's twisted and knotted. Sometimes we are close to ourselves.

The cards don't predict the future. What we choose will happen because we choose it. If you want joy, choose the sun.
You are not going to die until you don't care anymore. Until there is nothing left to interest you. But, the mystery is still there. Do you want to know and ruin it?

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