Saturday, February 20, 2010

Woesome tales of doggydom 4

Now we come to the end of this pack. Continuing my penchant for wandering bits of fur….i spied an orange ball with feet one day. He was in the yard, he was on the road, in the…out…in…how the hell?! And the strangest markings I've ever seen. He's orange, with orange eyes (yikes!) and blonde (yes blonde, yellow wheat colored hairs) eyebrows, ear interiors, and mutton chops. Hence the teutonic name….Ott (I was gonna call him Sigmund but restrained myself hehe). He's got soft short but flowing hair on his body, but wirey face hair (mutton chops I'm saying). A long full body and shortish legs, not exactly dwarven, but you would never mistake him for a greyhound ha! Even the vet is scratching her head. For this one I'd pay to have that doggie DNA test done, just to see what breed made up this Frankenstein pooch.

He wandered about the neighborhood, back and forth across the street and yards for a few months, me attaching chicken wire to the fence day after day in hopes of keeping him in….or OUT I didn't care damnit! But Mr. Hairy Houdini would not be thwarted. I live near a busy ranch road, speed limit 100 knots (or so they would have you believe), so I was fearful of squoooshed poopie every day. But he would not be deterred, no siree!

So after much soul searching (and feeding of cookies) I decided to get him fixed. If nothing else he might gain weight and not be able to squeeze through the 4 inch X 8 inch fence spacing. This dog weighs 68 pounds and is just as big in the body as the other dogs, though his legs are a bit challenged. But he can squeeze….omg i'm just in awe nothing has been detached haha.

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