Saturday, February 20, 2010

the cha-moirs, 3

yes, the rattlesnake eater was a harsh man…..he did not deserve family. that one is entitled to his own story…..but like I said, scars
he caused me many years of counseling, not because of what he had done to me and mine, though that in itself would be sufficient. no, it was because I saw in myself from an early age, his likeness. how can yu hate yourself as much as yu hate another, through no fault of yur own? aww well, all better now!
So where were we…..ahh yes, germany

this place, oh this place was filled to the brim with backwater portals. yu could slip into and out of 'normal' existence, confounding the minders in charge of yur person. an adjustment in the view, and voila! across the block in a blink. we lived in an older part of a village, still looked as it did pre-WWII if yu can believe. I used to roam….im surprised I was not kidnapped, stolen or worse, all the places I explored that I shouldn't have. but my knack for opening those 'doors' came in handy many a time.

and the woods called me……old growth forest. oh the smells. I used to bury myself in the leaf litter at the base of trees, my eyes the only indication that anything existed in that space. watching the inhabitants. animals used to walk right over me and never knew I was there.

and something else strange was witnessed. I used to see humans in those woods, and I would stalk them with glee. they sometimes walked aimless, sometimes with purpose down ruts in the leaf mold. sometimes in pairs….those were the ones to watch, creeping under bush and vine. deeper into the unknown....they always drew me deeper……sighs……grunts……gasps. sometimes I was able to grasp a little hint of movement, but they were blendt into the flora as well as I was, so the sounds had to suffice. quite a discovery for a 5 year old……but then, i already had scars from the rattlesnake eater

the memories….i must wallow, scuse


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