Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An afternoon

One afternoon………

My mother came over one day for a visit. She asked me to come outside to the truck, she had something for me. She took me around the back and pointed into the bed - there. She would not touch this object, would not even look at it. The truck bed was full of objects - what ever could she be talking about? I rooted around and came across an old license plate I had given her for her birthday - it was from the state she was born in and issued for the year she was born. This, I asked? YES, take it! Get it out of my life. It has brought me nothing but misery. My health has gone down hill since you gave it to me. She said she wanted me to clean it or whatever, but to never give it back. So I took the plate out of the truck and started into the house. NO, she yelled, I will not have it in the same space I'm in. So, I leaned it up against the stairs and we continued our visit, no other mention made of the license plate.

I completely forgot about the license plate for about a week. Then the next Friday afternoon I literally stumbled into it - what? Oh this thing, I need to clean it. I brought it up on the porch and went about my chores. The next afternoon I stumbled across it again - damn! OK, this time I will do it. I went in and got my smudge stick and sat down outside on the porch. I followed all the procedures and lit the stick. I tried enveloping the license plate in the smoke - the smoke shied away - what? I tried again - no smoke would touch the plate! It would flow naturally, and when it got within an inch of the plate, divert in a completely unnatural direction - what?

Now I was getting a bit angry. I started stabbing the plate with the smudge stick, yet no smoke ash or fibers would adhere - what? I tried from every angle, every side, every direction - still no luck. I started chanting - this was serious!

Suddenly the wind died down, the air grew still. The atmosphere got a little brighter. Balls of white light began to dance in the air before me. The very air sparkled.

Around the back of the house, a sound. What was it…. foot steps? I looked over the railing, the activity at hand forgotten. The sounds grew louder, closer. Something, god knows what, moved through the yard. I could see the leaves crunching, but no body, no shape. I could actually see large boot prints stepping down on the leaves - crunch! Its path ran right past the porch and off into the woods. I was frozen in the tableau. Minutes passed and I finally shook myself. The smoke was enveloping the plate! Every surface was touched, even those that were not in the smokes path. This is strange in itself, I thought. But no stranger than what had just happened.

The next week I spoke with my mom, and I told her a reader's digest version of what happened.

Oh, she said, I could have told you it was haunted.


I think it was an old farmer who died while driving and crashed his truck.


Only my mother……….

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  1. Holy carp! Of all the things to be haunted...haha... O_O