Saturday, February 20, 2010

the cha-moirs, 4

Then one day, the pseudo mother bundled me up and stuffed me into the air-tight rolling can. It was early in the day, very early. I did not like going away from my surroundings before the sun And then to be taken to a square, boring building, so noisy, so full of….what were these things? They looked like me. But they came in all different colors and sizes. And what?! What were these?! What were these….interesting….they.…hmmm. Anyways, we were all herded into these rooms, arms and legs smacked and jumbling. Forced to sit still in these pre-formed chairs, with arms and tables, so easily trapped, bound by coats and bag. Oh…oh. The day grew older, my spirit crying out to be spared.

Then suddenly….freedom! They took us out-of-doors. And there! My woods! A mad dash between out-stretched arms and shouts to stop……then the welcome cool foliage. I dove deep till I no longer heard them, those alien beings who made my senses ache. I scouted, and yes! These were my woods, the familiar paths, though far afield from my usual ramblings. And I recognized landmarks, that twisted knot there, the little brown pile of organic matter under branches bent. Yes yes, this was my home. I wallowed in my comfort, tossing leaf and mold high, giggling with relief. Ahhhhh

So now was time to study…. I crept to the edge of the woods, my position camouflaged, my intent indiscernible. I needed to study these entities. These creatures so like myself, yet….the feelings I got were similar to those I felt when tracking the pairs. Funny feelings, in my hair and toes.

These creatures must be dissected. Exactly what and who were they? Why did they make me feel this way? I will sit here, quietly under the compost, like one of my precious wolf spiders. Alert....trap lain....patient. Till finally, one gets too close to my pre-arranged stones and twigs….and YES! Success! It is down, tumbled, shocked and crying, afraid of my unknown. YES! Hahaha

It squirms, I feel…..oh....this is delicious. What are you little toy? Should I bite or lick? Tear your limbs, or just your coverings asunder? Oh oh, this may be worthwhile after all, this bundling-off to a building full of delights before the daybreak. Yes yes….

That fall, there was a haunting in the woods. The adults quaked, the mini-mes mewed. The men in black boots rummaged the parameters. But never was the phantom discovered. It struck without warning, dragging children....well….the wee men-folk....into the dark, wickt wood. Unspeakable things were performed under those tall trunk-ed branches. Unspeakable and unnamed. Never was the attacker deciphered, its face a merge of browns and lichen. But, what was done under those piles of autumn refuse….would dwell with those lads to this very day.

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