Saturday, February 20, 2010

La Belle

I bought two and a half acres of wooded land a few years ago. Love the semi-solitude and the feeling of being one with nature. Lots of critters wandering all over the property. I have found evidence such as foot prints and scat, rubbed/scratched trees and dens, and I've seen and heard many others. And there are plants here you would pay an arm and a leg for at the nursery growing wild….I am in heaven. But as is always the case where ever I live, strange things were afoot.

The house is set in the middle of the property, but with the driveway and washes the front of the property is pretty much visible. It's in the back acre….dark, mysterious, impenetrable. You take one foot into the woods and the shadows descend, cutting you off from the house almost immediately. There are places back there where no light whatsoever penetrates. The black is void….pockets of anti-matter. I tried to familiarize myself with every inch of my property, but there are still spots to this day that I can't reach….not physically, but emotionally, psychically. The oppressiveness overwhelms….the darkness blinds. I now have 3 dogs, and even they avoid certain spots. And the portals, omg….another story. One can get lost back there and no one, not even the dogs, can find you. But like I said, another story….

I wanted to be able to walk and survey all my property, so I began cutting trails, me and my clippers, saw and rake. It was while I was doing this that I began to have strange feelings, feelings that I was being watched. I would look up and just see a shape moving between the shadows. As the days went by, the feelings became stronger, and I began to look up sooner and see clearer. A little girl…..long blond hair….ragged dress. I don't know if she was following me or I just happened to be wherever she was hanging out.

Then the encounters began to multiply. I'd be in the house and see her out the window, at the edge of the woods. It was constant, first every few days, then daily, then…wtf? I was being stalked by a ghost? I mean, with all the other beings and such flitting about back there (and there were legions….another story), why this one? I never saw her face….and I have to tell you, this is a long time nightmare of mine. Can't explain it, don't want to go there. But suffice it to say the encounters began to take on a dread factor.

It had been a few months now, and the encounters slowed down, or else I became immune to her presence. But then again, it could have been all the other shit going on. I was settling in, getting to know my 'other' neighbors. I tell you what, the back of the property was an other-worldly Grand Central Station - whoohoo. If you were at all sensitive, you couldn't keep up with the goings-on. Just pop some popcorn and sit back and watch the show.

I was getting ready for bed one night. My half of the house is a master suite, and I had left the bathroom light on (I was skeered!). The door to the bathroom was directly across from my bed. I had drifted off I think, you know that time where the buzzing starts and your eyes fade in and out. Well something told me to open my eyes….so I did, slowly. And there she was!!! Standing in the doorway, the light from the bathroom a nimbus around her. She was solid as fuck! Jesus! She was looking right at me, though I couldn't see her face….Oh, this was one of my inborn horrors in the flesh. A primal fear that was intertwined with my DNA. My body froze, locked in place by nightmarish memories…. Neither of us moved for some moments, and I tried in vain to close my eyes. When I was finally able to I began putting up shields, the hair on my body rising as I felt her come closer. Jesus fucking horsies! What did she want?! This was getting to personal, to invade my space, my home. The woods were one thing, but in my house?!

So while I was a praying, I could feel her getting closer and closer, my abject terror sending out vibes strong enough to stun a cow. I opened my eyes just as she was reaching out……..and she faded. Poof. Oh thank fucking god! I jumped out of bed and turned on all the lights. Ran around like a headless chicken, just to dissipate the energy. Christ that was close!

The next day I started the Barrier….nothing was allowed into the clearing or my house - y'all could have the back woods, but me and mine was off limits fuckers! Some weeks went by and a semblance of calm returned. My friend AnnaLee happened by one day, and she told me out of the blue (of course) that some little girl was trying to contact me, wanting to ask forgiveness. Seems she was 'assigned' to the property, to monitor and herd émigrés, but that she had slackened in the interval when no one lived on the property. She had just wanted to let me know she was back on the job….well hell, just come out and say so! Don't scare the shit out of me!

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