Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Conversation

This is a conversation that took place on the astral. I chronicled these meetings on paper - to some this would be called automatic writing. I will post some of these talks here, in hopes of generating more conversations. Here is an example of what was discussed......


A - Did I interrupt you the other day?

B - Yes, but not to worry. I was not irritated, just distracted.

A - Were you wearing a mask?

B - No, just slipping into a persona. I was investigating an occurrence on my property When I go deep to sense, my head disappears. Your distraction worked to my advantage. You took the focus off me and when I sent the raven away to you, the anomaly lost track of me in my state.

A - What was it?

B - Something was trying to create a bridge, which is not as stable as a portal. I was able to recognize this and give aid.

A - Did you want whatever was trying to get through to be here?

B - Yes, as it turns out. It was someone from that time you spoke of. They had heard our thoughts and wanted to give input. Very fascinating. Did you know that the race of that era could feel the very fabric of time and where it had worn? They could squeeze through loose threads and enter into anytime. We of course would not have known they were here (when), only that something was out of phase. He tells me that this accounts for a lot of the missing time we experience. Humans are being interviewed. What knowledge they can glean is taken back with them. He recognized me - said I was present in his era also. We took to reminiscing and I recalled that life. I was a wormrider. I used to take off into the wilds. You were there, living where no other soul would venture. You were fearless or naïve, he couldn't tell which. He said you wanted to discover things for yourself, not be told like everyone else. I was of course the wanderer. I would travel to visit all my far-flung friends, but would never venture out on my own. I would bring back all of the discoveries and insights to the masses. You lived on the shore of a molten sea. You befriended the myriad creatures, too fantastic for the mind's eye, from your oasis; the jumping off into utter space - the void. You could and did travel to other planets with a step. You felt most at home, if any where, with the inhabitants of the outer planets. You claimed the inner galaxy was too hot. I went with you a few times, but the alienness of it all was not to my taste. But you thrived. He said I eventually settled down in your oasis on the shore, after you had departed for parts unknown to found a great city. I waited for you for many eons and when you eventually returned - the change in you! I had settled down to learn all there was to learn in our little existence (you had inspired me), but you went after it all. You'd traveled to the very centre of our universe to meet and befriend the 'first'. You even traveled to other galaxies. You were no longer of this dimension. But we did reminiscence, for you had grown wistful in your aging, and together we plumbed the depths of your knowledge. You eventually left to settle on a planet all your own. And I would of course visit. This is why you don't feel settled - why you are bored. I, on the other hand, thrived in my existence and still do. I use what I learn, whereas you look at it and shrug your shoulders, toss it aside, and continue to search. What are you looking for?

A - Oh man, lay a heavy question on me. I guess I was/am looking for the basic, most simple answer for everything. I like to discover what others have made of their existence, and what answers they've come up with. But, I know it is not the basic equation. It all has to do with perception, and though I respect others views I know it's not the true answer. They have made do and rationalized what they could. Made the best of it. And for their set of circumstances, it may have been the truth, but it was not the common denominator. You do know that the 'first', even they had legends - of another race! Even they rationalized - they were their ancestors - but I do not believe so. Somewhere, sometime, the first spark was ignited in a void, and that in turn gave spark to another. I don't think the beginning of 'all' was a master race. I think it was a celestial entity - the true first - created out of the void. It still travels about, oblivious to us all. To all it has created. I could sense it on the shore of my sea. This is everyone's 'God", who does not listen. Who is in turn, searching for the answer for its own existence. We are all in tune with each other, in tune with the raging curiosity. It's what defines all other existence. It's what we have in common, what we sense about nothing and each other. And I don't know any of us will ever truly find that answer.

B - Heavy answer….

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