Saturday, February 20, 2010

woesome tales of doggydom 2

So then everyone starting telling me "you need to get Dexter a friend". HUH?! WHA?! One dog is none too many!! Now you're gonna kidnap another?! nonono But the next…the next….well let's just say he came to visit and I locked him in, hehe.

Cholla….Cholla Teddy Bear to be exact.
I named him after a type of cactus that breaks off into segments and catches rides on passer-bys. This little boy wandered by one day and I decided to plant him, then put a tomato cage around him, ha. I know he belonged to the neighbors across the road, but he was always over at my place. Dexter had enticed him with promises of cookies……"if you kiss her hand and bump her in the legs she'll yell at you then give you a cookie. Do it, DOIT!"

Yeppers, leg bumping by a herding dog, nothing better. I tried to give the neighbors one last chance to save me. I caught them driving by one day while I was checking the mail and yelled ~is this your dog? To which she replied, while never taking her foot off the gas "oh yea, go home pepper".

Pepper? wtf….PEPPER?! You DO NOT deserve this dog if you're imagination is that stunted….PEPPER?! ACK!

So Chollo-mio came to stay at casa ChaCha, may god bless his piebald soul.

I want to talk to you people about the hardest head known to Christendom. If the army had my secret weapon all enemies would lay dead in the dust. He has this habit of swinging it up when I'm bending over to hug him….I have been knocked to the ground cold on occasion, hehe. And to further illustrate….I walk around the property with a hammer all the time (you NEVER know when you need to hit something) and my arms aswinging, Cholla's trying to herd me to the porch and farther to the cool indoors…..and WHAM BAM CLUNK. I'm freaking, thinking I've caved his skull in, whip around and he's just standing there. "Why'd we stop mom?" yep….secret weapon. Can you tell he's an Aries?

And there has never been any alpha juggling with Cholla in the house. This boy is long, tall and sneaky. He sits back, not exerting anything that would cause a pant, letting Dexter whine and jump, wearing himself out doing tricks and such, then in saunters Cholla (and I mean saaaaaauuuuuunter, like a lazy old lion) to take whatever, hehe. He's a pig herder you understand….and Dexter has that plump well-fed look of the classic cookie monster.

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