Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Visitation

I was awoken by a sound - what was it? It was melodic, and insistent, getting louder and more demanding. It finally rap rap rapped me to consciousness. The notes of the classical guitar lingered then faded as my brain reached the surface. I lay there trying to determine where this music had came from and what tune. I had never heard that song before - very Elizabethan. It couldn't have been my neighbors - Mexican nationals on either side of me, disco-divas across the street. My bedroom faced the small narrow lane, not ten ft from the curb. Could it have been a passing car? But the melody had played me awake, and had left as soon as it had accomplished its mission. Hmmmmm, guess it was time to get up. As always, I'm a groggy morning person. Do not talk to me - I will not respond. I crawled out of bed and staggered thru the hallway that connected the two bedrooms in the house - you had to pass through them to reach the kitchen, and my much desired coffee. The sun was up - had been for an hour or so already. As I walked past the bathroom, I detected a golden glow ahead in the back bedroom. It couldn't be the sun - my house was heavily shaded by enormous ancient live oak trees, and the sun barely leached through the windows. What in the heck was it? As I reached the doorway to the bedroom, I saw to my right an apparition. It was not solid, but outlined in a vivid gold. I could see the surface of its skin, aglow in other worldly color. I saw each sinew, each hair - it was clearly visible but transparent. Every surface glinted with its metallic pallor. As I approached within a foot of it, it stirred. It was so enormous - if it stood upright it would have reached 8 feet easily. It had a pair of wings - they were folded up and crowded into the small bedroom, scraping the ceiling and walls. The apparition raised its head and opened its mouth to speak. The atmosphere fairly hummed - the guitar sonata again. But before it could proceed, up went my hand. Nope, nope I said, NOT until I've had me coffee! I proceeded thru the bedroom to the coffee machine. My house was one of those old shotgun varieties - each room led into the other, so that you could make a circuit throughout the house without having to stop. After having set the coffee machine to perk, I walked around thru the living room back to my bedroom. I dressed and went on to the bathroom, peaking into the back room - my guest was gone. Oh well, guess it wasn't that important. And it should have known about the no-talking-in-the-morning rule anyway!

I had thought that maybe what I experienced was a morning hallucination - what that is I don't know. Maybe a lingering effect of a dream, which I could not recall. But for the next three days odd happenings - objects disappeared, or were moved. 'Presents' were left in the house or the yard - earthly concoctions made of bits of twigs, rocks, feathers. Birds eggs appeared on my back steps - what in the heck was going on!?

Finally on the third day I could take no more. I sat down at my desk with pad and pencil, having been compelled to do so. "All right!" I yelled, "let's get it over with. I need to get on with me life here!" I put pen to paper and began the automatic writing session. And this is what was conveyed to me -

To cleanse a house

You must always bring water, in some form. It doesn't need to be holy. Carry it with you. We will be there. When you are through with the cleansing, rinse your hands with it.

You can use incense, but it is not necessary. Visualize the light coming from your hands. Your hands are the key. The fingers and palms should be open, not closed in a fist.

You will be encountering many entities from many planes that have lost their way. Gently show them the door or a window. You don't need to open either. Visualize the astral plane, for this is the highway they have deviated from.

You can use sand as well as salt to seal your work. Touch any wires leading outside, for some entities can travel thru electricity, getting caught by the field and going where they don't want to.

Always leave a gift for any trees or outstanding plants, inside and out. Orange, raisons, eucalyptus, tobacco, calcium.

Wind chimes or prisms in a window with bright light or where there is much traffic will deflect.

Draw a figure outside the front door (a bracket tipped up, another tipped down, with a line intersecting).

Don't worry that it will be destroyed, for the earth remembers.

Instruct - bird feeders, flowers, trees.

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