Saturday, February 20, 2010

woesome tales of doggydom 3

Let me introduce you to the third member of my pack – Tuuli - he was named after the wind. This boy is FAST I tell you what! It takes him about half an acre to hit his stride, but after that you won't see a thing....but you will feel a breeze and wonder….

We found the Tuu between the gates on one of the coldest mornings of the year, hiding under my truck. Someone, some BUBBA (that term is derogatory in my book) had thrown him over the front gate like so much trash. Someone who did not appreciate this little man….

Tuu-wala is some type of an Australian shepherd, a herder…..why do I collect herders? It's not like I have a pasture of sheep?! Rabbits anyone!?!?
Anyway, he is such a good dog, even if he is a bit of a brown-noser hehe. He's my little aide-de-camp. He doesn't play with the other dogs (you have GOT to be kidding, I am not a dog like those other plebes!), but stands by my side at all times, ready to take my orders and dispatch them to the troops. He watches the others frolic and make fools of themselves. And when they are out of line he runs over to marshal and discipline (all on mother's orders don'tya know, even if unspoken, I-ME knows what she wants at all times). I never noticed he had progressed to alpha till someone told me to ask the alpha to help me with something, and when I mentioned Dexter they laughed uproariously. HEY! Don't diss the Dex! But they were right….could it be the fact he's the only one with balls? haha

And it was odd, the first two….they tried to kill…I had never seen such animosity from my babies! They chased him down for hours. But one good thing (in their eyes, I'm not having any of it!) to come out of the whole experience….conga pee lines! OMG, he starts and they all follow - - my poor bushes haha. He is so adamant to be the first to pee, that I've caught him peeing on the other dogs when they pee out of line!

Urine….a man's answer for anything.

Tuu is a strange one. I don't know if it was the way he was raised or his breed, but this little guy could live out of a truck. He LOVES to ride, the only one of my pack that does, so he gets to go on lots of trips and receives many many treats (ice cream cones!). If I don't take him for a ride (the duration can be of any length, he doesn't care) at least once a week he will stomp his feet and grab me, any part he can reach, and shake me - - - bad mama! He's gotten trapped between the fence and whatever cause he's trying to follow the truck down the road. Silly boy.

Now for a tuutuuTuuli story - -

Every day when I come home from work, he barks (I, me, my feelings get hurt so I call it yelling hehe), all the way to the house. As if to say "Come on Mom! I want my dinner, hurry hurry Andale!". Well one day I guess I wasn't moving fast enough. You know, I like to pause and appreciate my gardens etc. Well, he grabbed my sleeve and started tugging all the way to the house.
I couldn't help myself….I asked him "What is it Lassie? Is someone in trouble?" hahaha

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