Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Blue Man

Woke up from the “dream” about 11:00 pm – had only been asleep about 2 hours.

And so it began… It was nighttime and two men were walking towards a large gated compound. They were arguing – the smaller man did not trust the people they were going to meet. The older gentleman was carrying a satchel, slung over his shoulder, with a large amount of money. They were afraid of being double-crossed and killed. I came up from behind and went through the gate with them. The guards were very lax and waved us all through. The men were expecting a bullet through the back at any moment. It was easy to pick up on that anxiety. But no one came to meet them, nor did anyone speak with them. We wandered around the courtyard. It had a tropical feel. Mexico, South America, an oasis in the Middle East? In the center of the courtyard was a stone outbuilding with a locked door and bars on the one window. The men walked towards this small hut with me trailing. They couldn’t believe they had found him so soon.

We came to the window and inside sat the figure of a man covered in a gossamer veil. You could barely see his features through the gauze. The small man walked up to the bars and said, “You are not Him, you can’t be. He wouldn’t let himself be in a situation like this.” The man in the cell called the small man by name, and began to tell him things about his life and his innermost thoughts. I was standing directly behind the small man, who by this time had his forehead resting on the bars in submission and surrender. The veiled man’s eyes lifted to mine and he began to laugh maniacally, as if his circumstances had finally allowed him to breach that fine point of sanity.

A buzzing began that became louder and louder and very irritating. As the sound approached we could also hear a loud booming voice of a man. He was talking about himself as if he were the savior of the world. The two men with me began to panic. They implored the man in the cell to escape – he had the power. But the man in the cell lifted up his right arm, which was a bloody stump with protruding bones, and said he was powerless, laughing even harder, finally losing touch with this world.

I began to panic now. This loud man approaching us must not see or sense me. I ran to the back of the small building and ducked through a doorway into a room of the main house. As I inched towards the doorway, a blue glow began to fill the courtyard. The buzzing became even louder. Looking around the room one could see it was filled with bodies of couples having frenzied sex. Out the doorway I saw the man’s entourage walking towards the cell. The people with him were all in a trance, either walking in his wake or falling to the wayside. He was calling out to the man imprisoned, taunting him to “Save” everyone. He went into great detail about what he was going to do with him. I caught a quick glimpse of the “blue-glow” man – average height, shoulder-length brown hair, wearing what looked like knee-length satin pants and white stockings.

There was an urgent need to get out of there before he saw me or even felt my presence. I raced towards the back of the house, looking for a door or window to escape through. What I found was a man in a bathtub who seemed to be embracing the air, but I pulled back before he noticed me. As I turned to race to another room, I bumped into several small bodies – children! They were in a panic, and recognizing me as the only cognitive individual on the premises, looked to me for rescue.

There was a commotion in the courtyard – the caged man was being removed from his cell, and the two men I came with were screaming. There was no escape from the enclave. So seeing a jug of water on a chest of drawers, I grabbed it to absorb any stray energies and ushered the children into the back of a closet. I felt whatever was happening was the culmination of something ongoing and that soon the premises would be emptied as this “blue-glow” man and his people went forth to wreak the havoc they had planned.

At this point I woke up, heart pounding, in abject terror. I lay in bed for about 10 minutes, listening for the buzz. When I felt safe enough I got out of bed. But for some reason I felt the need for complete silence. I tiptoed to the kitchen to light some incense and crawled back into bed – never making a sound. Then I began to analyze this vision.

I felt that I knew this story. Had I read a book recently or seen it on TV? Maybe I had been astral traveling, because no one in the “dream” noticed me. Except for the man in the cage. Would the “blue-glow” man have been able to sense me, too? Were both other-worldly travelers? And what about the children…could they see me because of their innocence?

My first impression was that the man in the cell was Jesus and that the “blue-glow” man was Satan. But the more I reviewed, the more I felt that perhaps the man in the cell may be some type of a present-day prophet, but that the “blue-glow” man was alien in nature. Perhaps the man in the cell and the frenzied bystanders were being poisoned by radiation from the blue light. But I did not, under any circumstances, want the “blue-glow” man to know of my presence on this plane.

I was going to say prayers of protection, but realized that there would be no point – the Jesus of the Christian religion obviously could not help me. And what could prayers do to save me from an alien? Then I thought to put a bubble of white light around me and mine, but did not want to shine and call attention to my presence. So I pulled the veil of the night around us all to hide.

I thought about this vision for days. The more I reflected, the more I felt this event most likely took place in another time – perhaps within the last 100 years? And if so, what were the consequences of the “blue-glow” man’s campaign? Do we feel them even to this day? Is this the reason the world is in its current demise?

Another concern that came to mind in the days following this “dream” was what was I to do for protection? It really hit home that our Christian and pagan beliefs would not do for evil of a real and alien nature. I asked for guidance and the thought came to me that I needed to adopt protection of a sort that complied with the laws of physics. This protection would take a different tact for each person. I tested this theory with friends. I instructed them to ask for guidance. What physical law and its properties would better suit?

My answer came to me in the form of sound – a specific series of notes. I’ve always used this method but did not realize its ramifications. One friend was told to visualize a “wall” of glass blocks. Yet another was told to use the cellular glue between cells – this energy is readily available from other humans, animals, plants and other forms of life. We each of us practiced what we learned and life settled itself.

But even though many years have passed, when my mind wanders to thought, I hear that buzz and wonder if what I thought was a dream has come back to haunt…

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