Saturday, February 20, 2010

the cha-moirs, 2

oh good, thought I had scared yu off….
im used to it, my parents having been hounding me since I can remember to hide the usage of my super powers from the neighbors. As to my planet of origin? Why, its that egg-laying eye-beam shooting planet over in the western quadrant of the sky, the one that blinks out, red and blue?

Anyways, as I was recollecting… parents never appreciated my powers, nor did they believe in the existence of my nanny. I would escape from the tucking each night and run screaming across the hall (for I slept in the kitchen on a blanket on the floor yu see) and hide under their bed, babbling about IT being immune to my powers. My dad, being one of those covert thingies who jet all over the world and hide in the bush eating rattlesnake, brought in his posse to scan the premises for wormholes, but alas, none were ever found. From whence did the bulb-head come? Was it a long-lost relative? My real momma?! If so, thank god for the physicality of this place, that thing was UGLY!

So yes, we are now in another country in the telling of this story. My dad, the rattlesnake eater and I were forever locking eye-beams. The conflicts escalated into all-out warfare many a time. He had this saying…..this is my house, my rules, if yu don't like them, leave. Well, since the age of 5 ive been trying to!! I would take off walking, be gone for hours. they would have to send the militia out for me. And when I was captured, as I envariably was everytime (since the facility was encased by barbed wire damn it….too young to carry bolt cutters) i would be brought before the rattlesnake eater for punishment. He would tell me, in front of his posse, that I should have taken my things, cause once I leave it has to be for good. Yet when we'd make it home, the pseudo-mother would shush him, bundle me off and all would be quiet till the next battle.

more when ive quenched my thirst……


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