Saturday, February 20, 2010

A cleansing

I got a call from a frantic relative. Strange going-ons. Disembodied voices, near the center of the house. The baby talking to nothing. They had called in the mechanical people to see if it was air conditioning, ham radio, etc., but no earthly explanation was given. The call to me was a last resort.

I arrived on a Saturday morning with my new dog, a familiar of exceptional abilities. We ushered the family outside and the dog made a sweep of the house. I began at the entryway and walked the interior, in a counter clock-wise motion. I encountered only 3 openings, but no entities - I believe the dog herded them all thru the portals before I began. Two of the portals were right outside the baby's room, and the other was behind his highchair - all near the center of the house. When I performed the last closure procedure, I got the impression that the house was sitting on a glass foundation, and that we were being watched from below. It felt similar to an exhibit in a zoo.

I went outside and gave the news to the family. I believe the baby, in its naiveté, had opened portals for playmates. When I tried to speak to the child about this, it ran off. I was talking to the parents about their special child and that they shouldnt condemn or try to limit its curiosity, when the child walked up. Its hands were covered with fire ants and he had been stung many times. Well, an emergency atmosphere ensued and the cleansing was forgotten. The parents went about calling the doctor and getting treatment, and I was left holding the child, who seemed to be in shock. At one point he grabbed one of my elekes (beaded necklaces) and began to fold and unfold it. It looked up at me thru its lashes and laughed. Chills went down the back of my neck.

The following Monday I was leaving for work. I have to drive up to the gate, get out and unlock and open, drive out and then go and shut and lock the gate. When I had gotten back into my truck and was buckling up, I looked in the rear view mirror. Now, this is 4:30 in the morning, mind you. And the only thing I could see was what was in the glow of the brake lights. A form, man-like, raised up behind my truck. All I could see was the silhouette - it was tall with broad shoulders, and shoulder length hair. I immediately locked the doors (power locks - thank god), put the truck in reverse and stomped on the gas. I backed up to the next lot and put on my bright lights - nothing there.

After my heart settled down, I proceeded to work. Later in the morning, before dawn, I was out on the patio at work. I was walking up to the doors. There was a street lamp behind me. Suddenly something passed between me and the lamp. A shadow at least 8 feet in width passed across the wall in front of me. I felt the air vibrate and a rush of wind. Nothing that big or solid could have gotten onto the patio, because we have netting over the top to keep the pigeons out. My heart stopped again as I ducked. I felt very silly as other people stared at me in confusion.

I went about my business that day, but strange happenings were afoot. As I went about my duties around the building and taking calls, a connecting issue began to appear. Every call I took and every computer or printer I stood next to began to act crazy. I got the data-comm people involved, and they said it was as a second IP address (the same each time) inhabiting every piece of equipment I was calling in about that day. They were mystified. Finally, when the issue was identified but not explained, the problem ceased. Strange..

I arrived home in the afternoon. Now for a little background..I had put up a spell for parameter protection a few weeks prior to all this hoopla, because of an incident pertaining to one of my dogs, the neighbors and a machete. Never mind, suffice it to say it got ugly. Anyway, I had opened the gate and was backing into the driveway. For some reason I looked forward for a moment - the gate was coming at me like someone had tossed it with force! This is a ranch gate, and is 12 feet across - my spell had been for a 10 foot parameter around my property. I gunned the engine again and narrowly missed a dent on my bumper. There was no breeze that day - what caused the gate to swing forward with such force? Well, the heart had to be slowed down again.

The next day, nothing happened, until I had gotten in the house and was standing by the back door getting the dogs their food. Thru the miniblinds on the back door, I could clearly see a man standing right by the door. He must have sensed my attention, because he moved to the side out of my vision. I freaked, opened the door and the dogs rushed out. No one there! We walked around the house - the dogs picked up nothing.

Well, I had about had it! I had to call for guidance. I phoned one of my associates. She felt it was something that had attached itself to the baby, and was angry that I had closed off all access. She suggested I light a candle, burn some sage, connect with the child and tell it to stop calling its friend. I was then to call and talk to the child. Well, it took me about 10 minutes to complete all the actions, and when I called my family friend and she answered, the child was having a holy fit! I asked what was wrong, and she said she didn't know, that he had just started screaming about 10 minutes before. Uh huh I asked her to put the phone up to the child so I could speak to him, and the child went wild. He screamed and crawled out of her lap - he wanted nothing to do with me and my message.

Things finally calmed down - no more visitations for me. But my family friend said the child started talking to something again. Stands right in front of her and carries on a conversation with something unseen. But, no other manifestations, so all were happy with the outcome. I've since had many discussions with this child, trying to guide and instruct. We shall see how the little man progresses.

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