Thursday, June 30, 2016

Under the Overpass

Under the Over pass It was midmorning, and an even quieter interval for being the middle of the week. I was off work for some reason (the reason escapes me at the moment) and had took off up to the north (again…for some un-remembered compulsion, heh). I had pulled up to a light to do what we city dwellers do best….wait. It was one of those lights under an overpass (that should be the title of one of those drinking songs~), the traffic roaring through the blue, cloud-ridden sky above. So it was doubly peaceful and sparse of bodies down here below.

the traffic left behind....hmmm. does that mean the freeway equals the Rapture? oh nevermind.... Anyways, I had pulled up behind a small car, one young people get or are given as a right of passage when leaving the nest (or is it for bribery purposes? Get Out! hehe). Another car pulls up beside me and the 2 usable lanes are now fully emergency-vehicle blocked. YaY~

The car in front of me contains 3 very young Hispanic girls, the oldest of which couldn't have been much more than driver's license age. Three young, bouncy, long and curly-haired chicas, out to conquer their little piece of the world with hair spray and chicle.

We all sit there for about 15 seconds, automatons winding down after the death-race from the previous light (as if our lives depended on getting somewhere…if only we knew where....) letting the exhaust fumes lull us into the chemical numbness inherent to big cities.

Then it begins….
The driver, obliviously bored and wanting to get to who-knew-where to impress who-knew-who, looked into the rear view mirror and did that little hair fluff thingey. You know….pat – poke – lift – Flip Then looked straight ahead to destination unknown. 5 or so seconds go by….

The front seat passenger snaps the sun visor down to peruse her image in the hidden mirror. And what do you think occurs? Yep….pat – poke – lift – Flip Visor tossed back up out of sight, eyes straight ahead to…. there….over there. Another elapse of a miniscule measurement….

The backseat lassie squeezes her sparkly-spandexed self between the 2 front seats to view her teased visage in the rear view mirage. And….pat – poke – lift – Flip Everything settles back into that zen state of semi-consciousness we all get after rushing wantonly nowhere. 5 seconds, 10 seconds, this light is.…simply a light. Nothing profound here people.

Then OMG!
A frenzied eruption in the compact car! It starts tilting from to, then fro. Arms flailing about in the air, visors snapping up and down, mirrors flashing and blinding all within sight. What in the heck has transpired while my head was turned aside for that fraction of a moment?? And isn't that when everything in life usually happens?! Gads! Haha

The dust settles somewhat and I see….all 3 chicas patting, poking, lifting and FLIPing in a syncopated dance of fluff the likes of which has not been seen since the last time I went into a smalltown beerhall bathroom.

This frenzy goes on for 5….4….3….2….then total inertia.

I look around feeling like I had just stepped out of a hypobaric trance. Did that really happen?? Did I just see what I thought I saw? WAS DAT A PUDDY TAT?? I glance over to the car beside me for some kind of an answer, any kind of answer, at the exact same time the driver of that car looks around befuddled and bemused. HA! It did happen! HA! We both crack up, laughing weepily until the light changes and our lives move somewhere a little less absurd.

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